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PHA Cabinet

The idea of Private Hospital Association was a brainchild of Dr. Asif Ali Chaudhry, a renowned GP of Gujranwala and his son Dr. Asad Ali Chaudhry, a prominent Gastro-Entrologist of our city, in view of an ever increasing trend of medico-legal cases against private hospitals in this city. First meeting for this purpose was held at Rafique Anwar Memorial Hospital, Gujranwala on 08-01-2010. It was a very well attended gathering and had representation from all of the major Private and Trust hospitals of Gujranwala.
Al the participants had a detailed discussion on different matters faced by the hospitals and setting up of a common forum, to address these issues, was unanimously agreed upon.
The main objectives for the establishment of this association were:
To determine a minimum criteria of provision of healthcare facilities in all members
hospitals of this association.
To develop a self-regulatory code of medical and para medical conduct, for the
participating hospitals.
To have good inter hospital relations among member hospital
To prepare ourselves to face threats, caused by the medico legal cases.
To have a platform for the establishment of good relationship with active components
of civil society like Media, Lawyer Forums, Chamber of Commerce etc.
It was formally and unanimously agreed upon to have a comprehensive constitution and registration of our association. For this purpose, a constitution committee of Dr. Abrar Kalim, President PHA, Dr. Mian Zahid Mehmood, General Secretary, Mr. Wajid Gondal, Finance Secretary, Dr. Gulzar Ahmed Dr. Asad Ali Ch., Mr. Saeed Bhutta advocate, Dr. Col. Syed M. Ahsan Shah and Kh. Farooq Haider administrator AIMH with Dr. Gulzar Ahmed Chaudary, being its Chairman, was given the task. Dr. Gulzar Ch. and his constitution committee held multiple meetings and after prolonged discussions has achieved this goal.
I am very grateful to Dr. Gulzar Ahmed and his constitution committee members for a job well done.

Special thanks are due to Khawaja Farooq Haider who had an indispensable role in drafting and proof reading of the constitution of PHA.

I would also like to praise the role of Mr. Sohail, who did all the typing and manuscripting of our constitution.
Dr. Asif Ali Chaudhry