PHA Constitutions



Article 1. NAME.
The name of the Association shall be ‘Private Hospital Association
Article 2. OFFICE.
The office of the Association shall be in the city of Gujranwala.
Article 3. LANGUAGE
The languages of the Association shall be English/Urdu/Punjabi.
1.To promote the medical and allied sciences.
2.To maintain the honour and dignity of the medical profession and to protect &
develop the interests, rights, and privileges of the members for doing their
medical, ethical, social and civil duties in all aspects of their national and
institutional life.
3.To help the profession in protecting and caring for the physical and mental wellbeing of the people of Pakistan.
4.To take measure for the improvement and advancement of medical education in
Pakistan & to promote medical research.
5.To maintain co-operation and solidarity among the members of the Association
and foster the spirit of brotherhood.
6.To draw the member hospitals and the general public closer and develop better
understanding between them.
7.To give professional and expert help, advice and co-operation of the medical
profession to Government and other org anized bodies in their work of
administration and management of health care and health education, etc.
8.To associate, and co-operate with national organization holding similar aims
and objects.
9.To guide and help member hospitals, especially the new entrants, in the
establishment of their health care facilities.
10.To do welfare of the general public on charitable basis, to provide preventive
and curative (surgical as well as medical) services and all kinds of emergencies
and also to provide ambulances service.
11.To provide legal advice and assistance in all matters of professional difficulty
under the management of Executive Committee and also to provide legal cover
to members of the Association against vexations, unfounded suits, claims and
defamatory allegations by the patients or the media.
12.The Association shall have no pol itical affiliations with any political party and
shall not indulge in the politics of the country.